SEAGNAL is built around a team that has proven itself. These core competencies are:

  • specification of acoustic systems
  • signal processing and antenna processing
  • analysis and interpretation of acoustic signals and vibration
  • the design of digital architectures (FPGA, GPU, CPU, ...)
  • real-time imaging
SEAGNAL team aims to design and develop software and electronic devices dedicated to measurement, detection, imaging and underwater communications.

The co-founders of SEAGNAL

Laurent Kopp is an expert in sonar processing. Co-inventor of the Passive Direction Finding High Resolution (invention for which he was awarded the "Science and Defense" in 1987).

EYRIES Michel is an expert in operational analysis and brings extensive experience in the definition and use of sonar systems. He is responsible for business development.

Frédéric COUTANT, specialized in the design of digital systems based on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array, digital technology reference architectures to achieve compact multichannel signal processing). He works since 2000 in radio communication technologies (analogue and digital), RADAR and SONAR.

Johann BAUDY, specialized in the design of real-time systems based on heterogeneous technologies: GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit), CPU (Central Processing Unit), FPGA and DSP (Digital Signal Processor). He has applied his expertise in the field of underwater acoustics and mobile telephony.

Roman Pignatari, specialized in the development of signal processing algorithms and navigation. He designed a navigation component-based low-cost MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems).